Fall Words

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This game is an ideal example of hard physics puzzle games.

The goal of the game is simple to collect all the stars by falling words. To do this you need to be a typing master: type letters in the right places and drop them by pressing enter!

Letters have different shapes and physics and based on that there are various mechanics in the game: bridge, domino, hanging, rolling and more!

You can come up with your solution, so be creative and don't be afraid to think outside the box! Unlike other brain teaser games with repetitive levels, I have designed each puzzle to be unique and challenging.

This is also a romantic puzzle game with a love story behind it! A male alien met a female alien and exchanged contact with her and they proceeded conversation in a Messenger. To answer correctly a player must type the right letters and after sending the message the letters will fall like physical objects. There are stars in the game levels that a player must collect by the falling letters. If all the stars are collected, the message is positive and the level is completed.

It is not only a physics puzzle game for adults but can be equally enjoyed by all age groups. If you are a fan of good puzzle games like brain it on, and brain dots this physics-based game is made for you.

I hope you enjoy Fall Words!